Monday, January 08, 2007

Como se dice....? (or How do you say....?)

There are a lot of phrases and words I say that offend people. Its weird how growing up in California somehow taught me a form of speech that is not acceptable in the south, or in the Church for that matter. Anyhoo, last night we were watching a recorded episode of Man vs Wild (See Nathan's blog to know what that is). In that show this English guy says a lot of things funny. For example he pronounces "glacier" like this: glass-y-er. One of his phrases caught my ear last night and I asked Nathan what he was saying because I couldn't understand him. He was talking about how cranky he was b/c he hadn't slept and was lost and therefore frustrated and he used the phrase- "I'm a little cheesed-off." I had to laugh. How silly. Cheesed-off? Who says that? Well ever since then I have made it my goal to interchange the phrase "cheesed off" with one of my personal faves (but offensive to most) "pissed off." It's just funnier that way. What do you think?

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