Sunday, January 28, 2007


Have you ever walked past a GAP store and noticed all the T-shirts in the window that say "Inspi(red)" on them? Until the other day I had no idea what their purpose/meaning was. So just in case there are other people like me out there I thought I would pass along the newfound knowledge. (Thanks Mom!)

Red is the marketing name for products sold to raise awareness and funding for Africa projects. Click on the link and see all that they have to offer. Also there is a Guess? shirt/tank top available that raises money for Invisible Children, another organization I support. Here is what I learned about that:

" In every Guess? store in North America (and online), these limited edition shirts are for sale. Each shirt comes with a copy of “Invisible Children: Rough Cut” – to ensure that people know the story behind the design. Every purchase at Guess (whether it’s a belt, a pair of jeans, or some socks) will come with a card that explains Invisible Children and what YOU can do. Oh, and one more thing…EVERY PENNY GOES TO INVISIBLE CHILDREN. "

I just think that since some of us are shopping for these products and at these stores anyway, we might as well put our money to good use at the same time. Continue to seek ways to make your money reach further and make more of a difference everyday.

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