Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's in a name?

Last week at church there was a baby dedication. As with all the dedications our church does, they explained the meaning behind their new baby's name. One little girl being prayed over just happend to be named BETHANY. "Good name", I thought to myself. They went on to explain that the name Bethany means "productive." I just laughed. I had always been told and seen in those little name kiosks that my name meant "house of God." I'm not sure where they get their explanations but this new definition struck me as a little too close to the truth.

I was reminded of that new learning today. You see, Jaxon is with Gigi (grandma) all day. She volunteered and I accepted. So what do I decide to do with my entire day off? Go to the beach? Sleep? Go shopping? Nah. Instead I opt to try and scratch the surface of all the little projects I have had in my head for too long. I'm hanging up pictures, scrapbooking, painting in Jaxon's room, doing laundry...yada yada yada. Needless to say, I think I'm being pretty productive, don't you?


roxann said...

When the definition of Bethany was mentioned I wondered if you agreed with it. (this blogging is great)
I wonder what my name means....maybe I don't want to know!

I ask....if you were not a mom would you have spent your "free" day the same?

Mom said...

My name means Lady by all accounts I have read and I always laugh - me, hah ! But since my other name is Gigi (grandma), I was not terribly productive nor ladylike today - I played with Jaxon and kept the dogs from eating everything in his hands. He is a precious gem, that boy. What does his name mean?

Bethany Gaddis said...

Well first I would have to ask myself...would I be getting a day off if I wasnt a mom? Not likely. Then of course would I be doing the same stuff on my day off? Honestly, I would. Probably not scrapbooking but being productive is more natural for me than resting-I know its crazy.

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