Friday, January 26, 2007

My theory

You know that lovable donkey on Winnie the Pooh named Eeyore? Well I have a theory about him. Actually, I have had it a long time but I think I'm finally ready to let the world know about it. I believe there is a conspiracy going on in the 100 acre woods. There was a plot made by Tigger and now, Eeyore has been compromised. Let me explain.

Eeyore is not a happy guy. But I believe he use to be. I think he use to be fun, crazy, hilarious and a joy to be around but something happend that caused him to become depressed. I think I know what that "thing" is. You see, Tigger was jealous of Eeyore. So jealous in fact that he concocted a plan to bring him to ruin. Tigger felt as if there wasn't enough room for two animals in the 100 acre wood to be overly happy and walk with a spring in their step. They only had one nervous wreck of a pig, an idiot for a bear and a strict rabbit running around, but 2 happy guys in the form of a tiger and a donkey just wasn't okay with him. So he came up with an idea that would leave him as the lone hyper cat that everyone would adore. What was this plan you ask? It's a vicious one, that is for sure. The secret can be found in the pink bow tied to the tail of Eeyore.

One day Tigger maliciously attached a pink bow to the end of Eeyore's tail and because Eeyore is a donkey and has no extremities to remove it, he was in a pickle. Just think, a poor, gray, boy donkey with a pink ribbon tied to his tail that he cannot get off. Can you imagine the feelings of defeat and embarassment he was experiencing? I can. Anyway, he ran off in pursuit of his friends to get some help. First Piglet, then Rabbit and finally Pooh but no one was willing to undo the deceit of Tigger. They were in on the plan all along.

That fateful day was the end of "happy-go-lucky" Eeyore. Now he was the laughing stock of the woods and the depression set in. His friends betrayed him, he looked dumb with a pink bow on his tail and life had never looked so dreary. He was crushed.

That is why he is hard to be around and considered such a sour puss. The poor guy didn't have a chance. Tigger got what he wanted. He became the favorite character, loved by all the children, while Eeyore just slunk past everyone's thoughts. It's saddens me to consider all the overlooked injustices of this situation but what can I do about it now?

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MOM said...

ahh, rooting for the underdog (donkey). That's my girl. The real truth is, you don't like pink.

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