Thursday, January 18, 2007

Opt Out

If you are like me, you hate getting a lot of junk mail. And if you are like me, you are done with the whole "credit card world" trap and no longer use the plastic poison. Yet somehow I still get the offers in the mail pretty much daily. As much as I like to recycle, I would rather the crap not be printed at all and sent my way b/c all it will ever get to see is the inside of my recycling bin.

With that said, I came across another option. Its called "opting out." You can have your name removed from offers for preapproved credit cards and insurance by going to or calling 888-5-OPT-OUT. You will have to provide your social security number, but the service, offered by the major credit bureaus, is legitimate. You will have the option to opt out permanently or for just 5 years, whichever you choose.

So go, reduce the junk mail, reduce the debt caused by credit cards, and opt out!!


Cherie <> said...

Yes! I totally identify!!! I keep sending their papers back in their postage paid envelopes with a note on it to remove me from their mailing list...Thanks for the info!

Oh, and the baby I had last night is my friend Sam's :). She's a single mom and I'm picking him up from daycare on Wednesdays so she can make it to RefresHer on time.

Anonymous said...


This is the kind of education I teach to Foster-Teens.
Another, if you get those annoying "solicitation" phone calls, place your land line on the "do not call register". It takes about 31 days to work, but the silence is great.
To obtain a "free" credit report, all three agencies, If you want your score? About $7.95 per agency. DAD

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