Sunday, January 21, 2007

Race Day results

Well this morning started off with a 13.1 mile jog through downtown Naples-otherwise known as The Naples Daily News Half Marathon. We (me and 3 guys from our BLG) started out strong but by mile 11 I was spent. It was all I could do to run at all and not walk the rest of the way to finish. I had no energy left and my mental strength was failing. Nothing hurt, I was just tired. I usually sprint the final stretch but not today. I just jogged my way in. According to the clock my finishing time was 2:19: something but since I was not the first to cross the starting line we are estimating my individual time to be more around 2:18: something. I don't have any fancy doo-hickies that tell me all the stats so its a guess until we get our official results in the mail. Anyway, I'm feeling good. By the way, Nathan finished just a few minutes behind me at 2:22:something- What a huge accomplishment, I am so proud of him. Anyway, thats the recap. Below is the crew!


MOM said...

You did an awesome job and I am very proud of you. I am way better at the cheerleader role - standing on the side telling you to pick it up !!

Anonymous said...


Nice going! Pic looks great!
Nathan, better luck next time, hee hee.


Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Read all about it!
The power couple has done it again! Hooray for both of you!


BarBarA said...

You and your hubby seem like such a wonderful couple! Congtrats on running that race!!!

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