Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tomboy plea

There was a girl that came into church last night that reminded me of a personal pet peeve. Not her personally but what she was wearing. From her head to her waist she looked good. Her hair was tied up into a loose ponytail of sorts that gathered at the bottom of her neck, you could tell there was no system to it. Her torso was swallowed by a big comfy gray sweatshirt- it looked delightful. Then came the contradiction that made me so mad. For bottoms she was wearing not only a pink but a lacy skirt. WHAT?!? That makes no sense. And to top it all off, she wore flip flops on her feet. Now where in the getting dressed process did she decide a pink, lacy skirt would complete the sweatshirt/flip flop look? What in her right mind said it was ok to look like a tomboy down to her waist and then a prissy girl in the middle but throw a curve ball with the flip flops to send her back to tomboy land? Not cool. You either are or you aren't! For those of us who are, you give us a bad name-so be consistant. It's one thing to dress up or down entirely but to way! Stay true one way or the other-its like that hot or cold verse-I just have to spit you out of my mouth because of your lukewarmedness.

And another thing, when did the prissy girls get a hold of my favorite article of clothing, jeans and put high heels underneath? What are you ladies doing to us plain Janes? When people see what you have done to our comfortable clothing they start to get the idea that all of us should wear it that way. Yet when we try, like I have several times, it just isn't natural.

So for the tomboys like myself out there I ask, no no I beg, that you leave the comfy clothes alone. Stick to your skirts and dresses and leave the sweatshirts and jeans to us. It's only fair.

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