Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wild Oats

Some have called me a "granola" due to the way I dress and eat. Well this granola was thrilled today as she walked into her super-market wonderland- Wild Oats. For you city living folks its not that big of a deal but here in Naples, health/organic food is a long distance from where I live. It certainly requires a planned trip and can't just be stopped into on my way home from somewhere else. Anyway, a new Wild Oats opened just minutes from our house yesterday. Today was still crazy busy but we managed to find the homeopathic section and grab some immune system building elderberry and echinacea syrups for Jaxon and I's little nose drippage. I also stumbled across the baby section and found so many healthy options to the typical crackers and cookies and foods offered at a Publix. Anywho, I am stoked! My family will be healthier because of the locale of this new store so THANK YOU WILD OATS!

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