Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My dad emailed me this picture of his 5th grade class in 1957. Look at how they have this innocence in their faces that 5th graders today lack. After looking over this I began to wonder what was going on in 1957. So I looked up some interesting things that were taking place in this time period. I thought I would share them with you.

By the way, my dad is in the top row-
the third boy in going left to right.

In 1957
How much did it cost?
House: $20,000
Average income: $4,494
Ford car: $1879-$3408
Milk: $1.00
Gas: $.24
Bread $.19
Postage stamp: $.03

In other news:
TANG was introduced to the world (Thank God!!)
Barry Gordon invests $700 to start Motown records- the rest is history
Velcro is patented in Switzerland

Read more HERE about the events of 1957

PS My family is pretty much scared to say, do or email me anything anymore because it might be put on my blog. Well they are right to worry but it's all in love.


MOM said...

that is SO true! We never know what will show up and be re-quoted... Keeps us behaving our best!!!

Dad said said...


What was with the bowtie, mom???

The girl hotty is in the front row, 2nd one in from right to left, Claudette Eby. She was miss popular. It took me about two more years of being friends & classmates to have her "go steady" with me. Yeh, we exchanged "neck chains" with our names on it.
I am not sure if I loved her dad's 1957 Edsel Convertible (black with white trim) better than her??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
The boy next to me, on my right is Del Pranke. His family lived on Harvey, just around the corner from where you were born. He now lives in Hawaii on the Big Island and sent the pic.


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