Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cop out

I know its kind of a blog cop out to merely post a link in your post but Jaxon is really sick and needs a lot of mommy cuddles today so please forgive me.

I always hear people say that they just aren't being "fed" at their church. Honestly, I have been to churches that don't get into me and my spiritual struggles/needs too. But I have always known that my growth is not in the hands of anyone other than God and I. I came across this article at Relevant and I liked the perspective of it. Click here to read about feeding yourself (spiritually) using your own fork. Because if you can't feed yourself...you'll starve.

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Bethany said...

GREAT article! That is very true. So many times I find myself complaining about something to realize I haven't taken the time to dig in and find out what the Lord truly says about it. And there have been countless times I have felt disatisfied with something- the best cure: to take my eyes off myself and onto others. It's a wonder how quickly I feel satisfied and full.

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