Friday, February 16, 2007


I'm a little sad today. I signed up with a co-ed soccer league a few weeks ago but had to miss our first 2 games because of a women's ministry conference and our trip to TN for Re:create. We won both. I was so jazzed about getting to play my favorite sport of all time for the first time since high school (competitively) tonight. However, I just got an email that informed us that our game was canceled due to the rain we received last night-the park and rec people don't want us to muddy up their fancy fields. Shoot! I was looking forward to it so much-sigh.

Disappointment is the emotion felt when a strongly held expectation is not met.


Amy said...

This is going to seem a little wierd, But I gues I will start from the beginning. First off my name is Amy and I am from Louisiana. Anyway, wow, I guess its been like over 5 years ago now, my family and I had the opportunity of meeing Nathan and Jason when they were singing in TrueVibe on several occassions. I'm sure none of them remember any of us, but they were all a blessing with their music. After Truevibe I tried to kept up with your wonderful families hoping all of that God given talent would still be used. I think I may have emailed Nathan and Jordon when they started Sojourn fare to try and get them to sing at our church but nothing ever worked. I also think I posted on the Gaddis clan website ( I think you posted somthing about it on the Sojourn Fare website at the time). Anyway I recently found out about 33 miles and am glad to see God using Jason and the others in 33 miles. I was trying to find out more info about 33 miles and I stumbled upon your blog because of the post that you had about the band. So I guess, I just wanted to say hi. I hope you all are doing well, and that Jaxon is doing great. I noticed your link to the Watotto ministry - they came to my church this past year and it was amzing - the kids were so beautiful and has such a joy of the Lord. I wanted to take them home with me. :-) Anyway, this is probably the wierdest message ever posted on your blog, but you seem really sweet, so hopefully you won't think I'm too wierd. Have a blessed weekend


Davina said...

you joined a league sooo cool i totally wanna come to a game! Good luck with it that is so neat

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