Friday, February 09, 2007

Full day

I have cried my way through Re:Create this year. It started the first day by Ridley Barron and continued on through last night. And if any of you have ever cried a little bit everyday for 4 days you have to know how that can make a person mighty tired.

Yesterday was a great day! Most importantly it was Nathan and I's 4th anniversary. I thought we had decided to not get each other anything but he surprised me with a facial at Izabella Day Spa. It was awesome- so relaxing. Thanks Keiki!

Worship was led by a couple from Ireland named Keith and Krysten Getty. They have found their purpose in writing modern hyms. They played a few for us, some familiar and others not but just as powerful. They were awesome. They apparently go to other churches and serve- I hope we can get them to our church someday, our congregation would love them.

Then I went to a therapy session. I know that sounds strange but one of the bonus additions to this year's conference was a therapist who cleared his schedule to meet with people attending the conference for free. I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to gain some insight and wisdom into a few confusing areas of my heart so I made an appointment. The counselor's name is Ramon Presson and he was very helpful. He suggested some practical, external things to do to as a symbol of what I wanted to take place internally. I think he was rare in the sense that he acknowledged God's part in everything but also felt there was something that could be done by me that would benefit the process. Anyway, that went well I thought.

Then we had lunch at The Red Pony in historic downtown Franklin. It was so good. Just the blue cheese dip with homemade potato chips was enough to sell me. They brought out a tray of sushi (that I didnt try but Nathan did) and some homemade guacamole. The dessert was an array of chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite), cheese cake bites and cream puffs. The main course was good but not as good as the appetizers and desserts in my opinion.

When we returned to the hotel we were greeted by Leeland Mooring and his family. He is the lead singer of a band I love, ironically called Leeland. They led us in some songs and then did a Q & A with his parents. They were talking to us about the importance of mentoring and how they were able to encourage the artist in their son. I missed that part due to my facial but Nathan said it was awesome and that the mom prayed over everyone and asked God to bless their song writing and ministries. Cool.

When I returned from the spa everyone was gathered together evaluating the conference as a whole and discussing issues they face in churches. I cant go into detail here or I will be reprimanded so just allow the blank space.

After that it was time for dinner. We went to a beautiful, huge home owned by a friend of ours Jeff Sheets. He was the speaker one summer when I led worship at the kids camp for People's Church. Anyway, we were prayerfully informed that his wife was 20 weeks pregnant with her 8th child (they want 12) and miscarried. That morning she had to deliver the baby and say goodbye. (I told you I've been crying all week.) Pray for them. They wouldnt let us relocate all 100 attendees so were blessed by their hospitality despite their current situation.

After dinner Leeland Mooring, Jack Mooring, Brenton Brown, and Matt Maher shared some of their worship songs with us and led us in a time of reflection and meditation that was so restful for me.

All in all a great day, like I said. I slept well last night (the first time all week) and today we will journey through our old stomping grounds and eat at resturants we miss from not living out here anymore. Stay tuned...

PS I miss you crazy. I can't wait to cuddle and wrestle with you tomorrow when Nana and Pop bring you back! I love you.

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Anonymous said...

Mommy, Today Nana and I went to Walmart to get me some more diapers, then we got a cheeseburger for lunch to go with my grapes, bananas, and vegetables. Pop is working. I love you mommy. See you tomorrow!
Love, Jaxon xoxoxoxo

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