Monday, February 26, 2007

Great article

There is a great article over at called His Feet Might Hit the Ground. Go and check it out. Here is an excerpt.

"I have dreams; I have longings; I have visions I want to do, achieve, become. And there are moments when the voice inside is silent and invisible hands seem to be holding up progress in my life.

I have the ability to run. I long to run. I love the feeling of running and wanting to interact with the world, bringing whatever it is to it that I can. And yet there are moments when life seems still, progress seems frozen and confusion sets in.

I realized a much bigger reason for the moments I feel constricted or even stuck. I strive for child-like levels of faith, but I'm also still caught in a child-like perspective of life as well. I can't see as far as I think I can. And I struggle and squirm in the lap of limitations of a God who knows when to hold me back and when to release me.

There are times I realized that my feet were allowed to touch the ground, and I ran right into the chaos, disorder, habits, destructive decisions or patterns that the parent knew I would run into. And it's a good parent who knows when to pick me up and when to let me down.

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