Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The story of Grace

Today I was given an unexpected but much desired gift from my mom. Now I finally have an Invisible Children bracelet! (Actually I was given two but I am letting my mom wear one, aren't I sweet!?) Anyway the story behind the Invisible Children bracelet campaign is simple. These bracelets are handcrafted in Uganda which provides jobs, then they are sold everywhere else for $20 and the proceeds go back to Uganda to send a child to school. Each bracelet tells a story. The one I wear is green and represents a girl named Grace. Here is her story.
"Abducted from her home at 10 years old and forced to fight as a soldier. Grace was beaten repeatedly for 3 years and at 13, was forced to become a sex-slave to a 40 year old commander in the L.R.A. After her narrow escape from the bush, with a gunshot wound to the leg, she discovered she was pregnant with the commander's child.

Once rescued, girls like Grace are taken to a rehabilitation center where they are given just three months of psychosocial therapy before they are returned to the family they may or may not have.

Due to the severity of Grace's medical condition (a shattered tibia, and her approaching birth) she remained at the center for over a year.

But returning home will not be easy. With an absent father, she will live with her uncle, left to care not only for her and her new child, but for her disabled mother as well. Grace is a child, but she is a mother.

The idea of Grace is about choosing to forgive when others have done nothing but hurt and let you down. Grace has a smile bigger that the size of her pain. Hers is a story of survival and resilience. Of a child, with a child. Green is for Grace."


MOM said...

I love the name Grace and I love the meaning of grace. My grandmother's name was Grace. I should have passed that down.

Amy said...

Is there a place where you can get these bracelets?

Amy said...

oops I see the link - thanks

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