Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tears of change

To see the experiences we had last night go and read Nathan's blog- Im trying not to repeat his posts as much as possible.

Today was the first split session for Nathan and I. He went into his "creative think tank" with his fellow worship pastors while I made my way to the presidential suite for some time with the wives. On the original schedule we were suppose to meet with the comedian Chonda Pierce which I was looking forward to, but there was a change in plans. Instead when I walked into the room I saw a man (he stood out because he was the only guy in the place) who later I came to know as Ridley Barron. He shared his incredible story with us. We were moved through tears into laughter and ultimately I settled into the feeling of gratefulness for where I am and what I get to be everyday.

To be honest, I haven't been feeling very grateful for this stage of my life but today his story brought my blessings into focus. Right now, as I write this, I make mental goals of how I long to be a better wife, mom, leader, and person.

Everybody goes through high moments like these. Times when we set goals, make plans and feel the drive to do or be something better. Yet too often it fades and we fall back into the cycle we so desperately long to get away from. I pray that doesn't happen this time. Ridley Barron reminded me how precious this time is with Nathan and Jaxon. He taught me that it's ok not to understand the "why's" of things but to give the best at where you are no matter what.

The tears I wept today are most certainly the tired tears ushering in a much needed change for me.

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MOM said...

What a great attitude he has! Trauma either makes you stronger or kills you, they say....

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