Friday, February 02, 2007


Ok gang--voting day is finally here. Think long and hard about this because if Jaxon doesn't get selected, I will blame you. Not really...ok let's be honest....yeah I will. But no pressure or anything.

Below is an excerpt from the website citing what they will be looking for so vote based on this:

" This contest is for babies between the age of 6 and 48 months with those unforgettable faces, those adorable expressions, those unique things that only your child can do."

All votes must be in by Saturday evening (9pm EST) so that I can send in our entry before I leave town bright and early Sunday morning- Viva Nashvegas!!

Which picture of Jaxon should be submitted in the beautiful baby photo competition?
#1 Jaxon relaxin'
#2 Jaxon on the steps
#3 Sweet Boy
#4 Content
#5 Pulling off his sock
#6 Jaxon standing
#7 Looking off
#8 My dad rocks
#9 Green shirt
#10 Messy face
#11 Playing with rocks
#12 Angel face
#13 All smiles
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MOM said...

Hey baby - send me some of these pics so I can have cute desktop photos, would you? Susie just adores him! (And so do I)

Cherie <> said...

Wow, what a blessing that conference was this weekend! Just what I needed...and God knew that :). What an awesome God we serve! Have fun in Nashville!

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