Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday week day #2

As I posted yesterday, this weekend Jaxon will be turning 2 years old. In honor of that event I am highlighting the gifts he has been given as well as a few of the many lessons I learn from being a mom.

Here is a picture of his new drum. He loves music and can name/identify every single instrument in an orchestra. For example: Bass, tuba, cello, symbols, timpani, flute, oboe, trumpet, trombone, violin, piano, drums, bugle, clarinet, french horn, tambourine, etc. He can even say, "orchestra." Its adorable. It looks as if Doctor Bob (Jaxon's grandpa "Pop"), the conductor and music scholar, will have a protege' on his hands.

Lesson #2: Unconditional love. This boy tests me practically everyday on this one. He has the capability to make me so mad and so full of joy within minutes of each other. He has taught me that no matter how he acts or treats me, I love him. I may be tired, frustrated or broken but my love for him remains. All it takes is a tender moment to send me back into the gratitude of being his mommy. Love is a constant when it comes to true parenting, not a variable.

I think we learned that from God too.


Cherie <> said...

Wow, he's really smart for a 2 year old! Sounds like he'll definitely be a musician like mom and dad :). Who knows, maybe he'll even be pretty good at the drums in a couple of years :)...

Funny story: Sat night during BLGs we kept hearing someone playing the drums in the W.C. (our class is in WC 103 on the construction side of the WC). Finally it got so distracting that Brian went to check it out. I thought it was just one of the guys that sets up for Sun messing around. Well, come to find out it was John Patterson's almost 4-year-old son! He was pretty good too...so you never know :).

Dawn Marie said...

I'm reminded of Brandon's sixteenth birthday last year (see Aug 2, 2006 on my blog for a re-read).
You will so treasure these times with him. Boys are awesome. It just gets better and better.
Bless you girl. I miss you all.

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