Friday, March 16, 2007


For our 4th anniversary (February 8th) Nathan and I were given tickets to the Chris Tomlin concert here in town that takes place tonight. It was a great gift idea but it has re-surfaced a struggle I have with the whole Christian music/worship issue. I keep trying to figure out whether a worship leader should be on tour singing songs that were mean't to draw us closer to God but in this setting draw us more into the idolization and celebrity fad. I have had this struggle since Nathan was in True Vibe. I knew his heart and I knew that he desired to see people draw closer to God but instead I saw people drawing closer to him because he was good looking and could sing and dance. It's almost as if the whole "God thing" is used as a disguise to achieve some sort of false celebrity status. It doesn't sit well with me. It's too blurry. I have no problem with worship leaders wanting to share their songs, I just feel like the touring and merchandise side of a concert scenario distracts from the element of worship. Worship wasn't created for us to be entertained, but for God to be honored and glorified.

I don't know where I stand definitively in all of this but I am sure many of you have some thoughts. Where is the line between worship and idolatry? Has it become as blurry to you as it has me?


Cherie <> said...

I completely agree with you. I really have always had a problem myself with going to concerts for that very reason. The message in the music is very powerful, but are people really focusing on that and not on the good looking people on stage? It would be a lot easier to focus (especially for singles) if all band members, worship leaders, etc were not so attractive :). But I think even in Christian music there is still a focus on image. Maybe someone doesn't have to be a certain weight, but I feel like Christian music still puts an emphasis on appearance.

Dustin said...

I hear you on this one. I too struggle with the whole worship leader/Rock star thing. Then I go to a David Crowder show and my hear soars for my King, so ... in the end Crowder did his job regardless of his intentions.

I am still suspicous though!

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