Saturday, March 10, 2007

Brotherly Love

Some friends of mine back in Nashville have a son who has been having trouble with the growth of his skull bone. Because the area is still soft, it is dangerous for him to tumble or bump anything (which is all in a days work for a baby). So the doctors decided to create a custom fit helmet for him to wear everyday to prevent a more serious injury. This was hard for his parents but they knew it was necessary.

Upon bringing their younger son (Jonah) home from the doctor with a new helmet affixed his head, they were awaiting their elder son's (Jacob) response. Would he make Jonah feel weird or make fun of it? Would he poke his finger and laugh? None of that happened. Instead here is what he said (taken from a recent email)...

"Cool! I want a helmet mommy! I want a helmet like Jonah's!"

We can learn so much from the love of a child.

Thanks for passing along this inspirational truth Jason and Jen! We love you guys!

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Cherie <> said...

Hey, I heard about Nathan's dad tonight. Your family is in my prayers! Love you guys!

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