Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Doctor Bob update

Yesterday was both a good and frustrating day. Everything was looking great except for his kidney function which prohibited him from moving up to another area of the hospital. For some reason, all of the fluids that were pumped into him just weren't coming back out. They tried several things but the only thing that finally worked was time. Nathan told me that this morning things have turned again and all is looking great! He gets to move from the CVICU (Cardio Vascular Intensive Care Unit) to what they call the "Penthouse" today. There he will begin physical therapy.

Last night I flew home and returned to my mommy role and Jaxon. Thank you SOOOO much mom and Bob for providing the security for us that Jaxon was in great, loving hands while we were away. What a comfort. Thank you Neil Dorrill for allowing my mom's work schedule to be so flexible. What a blessing!

Today I received some more good news from Nathan. Before I left it looked like Doctor Bob and Mama J were going to have to stay in the Atlanta area for about a week after being discharged from the hospital (which was still several days away). But Nathan tells me that now the doctors say he will most likely be discharged on Friday and that he can go directly home to KY after that. PRAISE GOD!!

I will keep you posted....I don't have first hand information anymore so it may be less detailed and less often.

Keep praying! The recovery is difficult and requires a change in diet and undergoing physical therapy for at least 3 months. God Bless!

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MOM said...

I'm sure that having all his children there helped him get through the surgery as well as the fear before. I am so grateful they didn't have to use the heart/ lung machine and that his kidneys kicked in. He is doing amazingly well and I KNOW it is a result of large doses of prayer and love. He is loved and it shows....

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