Thursday, March 01, 2007


Someone innocently asked me why we were bringing Jaxon with us to Grandma Berry's funeral. The first thing I said in reply was, "It's one of the dynamics of being part of a family." I didn't realize what I was saying at the time but throughout the drive to KY I have had a lot of time to think through that statement.

Every family has their dynamics. Different personalities, styles, and ways of doing things. But another dynamic to family is the gatherings. If I only took Jaxon to the Thanksgivings and Christmas' and not the funerals, he would never know the true dynamics of a family. I know he doesn't understand death at his age, I was 6 when my sister died and I still didn't get it, but that isn't the point. The issue here is that I cannot hide my son from the reality that sometimes loved ones leave this life before we are ready to let go. Sometimes when you are part of a family, a get together isn't all fun and games but instead tears and comforting each other. It's important that he learns that early, or he will be devastated one day as he learns that truth on his own.

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MOM said...

He is part of the family and he needs the full experience. Also, the other family members need him. You went to Tiffany's funeral even though you don't remember much of it. The family is inclusive of all its members for all of its experiences. You are right.

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