Thursday, March 29, 2007


Today Jaxon and I took advantage of the Floridian art of full body exfoliation. In other words, we went to the beach. You may think that we do that all of the time but honestly, we rarely get to go. It was fun. We swam, we walked and we played a lot. Good stuff!

Lesson #3: Everyone is different. Every mother parents her children differently than the others. I remember that before I had Jaxon I always saw mothers with their children and took notes on what I would NOT do when I had a kid. Now I can empathize more. I still see tactics that seem cruel or in-effective but I rarely judge them based on it anymore. I have learned that sometimes certain avenues just don't work as well as they did the time before. Sometimes moms get tired and give in. Sometimes kids are in a rare mood and nothing will change that. Sometimes, it just is what it is. Now I know that if I haven't been there already, I will be at some point in my mothering career. And when someone walks past me in the grocery store, I would like to hope they aren't making unnecessary assumptions about me.

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MOM said...

I LOVE that expression - full body exfoliation! Sandblasted doesn't sound as chic. I am SO envious. Glad you both had fun.

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