Sunday, March 11, 2007

From the hospital

After a 10 hour drive we finally arrived in Marietta, Georgia to the hospital where Nathans dad is (at 6:15pm). Just in case you don't know why Doctor Bob (Nathan's dad) is in the hospital.... while driving with his wife and daughter down to FL to spend his spring break with us, he suffered a heart attack. For weeks he thought it was just acid reflux but on Friday afternoon we all learned it was much more serious. They scheduled for him to have double bypass open heart surgery on Monday morning at 11am- please pray. Thankfully we were able to get up here to offer any help we can and hug his neck before his surgery.

Doctor Bob looks good which is of great comfort. It's been kind of hard b/c I love to make him laugh and I'm really not allowed to do that right now. I did manage to make alterations to his hospital gown though. You see, Doctor Bob and I have this running joke about how he doesn't own any clothing that doesn't have CAMPBELLSVILLE UNIVERSITY embroidered on it (That is where he is the Dean of the school of music). Since his robe was not his own, I made him a special sticker and placed it on his robe where the sign would normally be on one of his shirts that says Campbellsville University. I hope that makes him feel more comfortable.

Later in the evening his night nurse Micheal came in and explained to all of us where his 90% blocked artery and 95% blocked artery are and how they are both in very serious places. One is even called the "widow maker" which didn't feel very good to hear. But thankfully they have been caught and now it will be unable to live up to it's sad name. We watched a series of videos on what to expect throughout the surgery hours and the recovery period afterward-it was very informational.

We are also blessed to have John here to fill in all of the parts we don't understand fully. John, is Nathan's brother and he works in cardiac rehab in Tyler, TX so this is his field- he has been an incredible source of wisdom and comfort to us who don't quite know what to expect.

Please take to your knees in honor of this current need for God's healing. Pray for all of our family and friends (both here and at home) as we sit in the uncertainties of a surgery like this. This stuff happens everyday, but it is new to us, so please send some sweet words in Doctor Bob's direction.

Well it's late and we have an early morning and long day tomorrow. I will blog as I am able. Thank you for all of your support, calls, emails, texts etc- they are building up his strength already.

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