Monday, March 19, 2007

The last few days

Ok so when I left off we were heading off to the Chris Tomlin concert on Friday night. It was really good. My favorite part was hearing Louie Giglio for the first time-very cool. My second favorite part was the "set." They had these really cool strip lights behind them that echoed the power point backgrounds and gave the show a Coldplay- Speed of Sound video feel. I want some!! Not necessarily for church but maybe for my room- Ha! For more on that, check out Nathan's sight since he copied all of my thoughts about the church/concert dynamic thing.

Then on Saturday my mom and I participated in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. I love this race because 90% of the people are walking and it's not about your pace or time, but about the principle of making a difference. I did it in celebration of Janet Ridge, a survivor and friend's mom and in memoriam of Penny, my friend Tara's mom. It was a good time with beautiful weather. WAY TOO MUCH PINK GOING ON THOUGH!!

After the race, I waited for my boys to come and meet me so we could do some shopping. I say we, but it was really just Nathan. I stopped into the Guess? store to see if they had the INVISIBLE CHILDREN shirts in and they did! So I bought one for Nathan. The guys tee is really cool! The girls version is just a white tank top with a dove on it and Lord knows I won't be wearing a tight white tank anytime soon. So for $25 you get a rad guys shirt and a DVD about the ministry and all the proceeds go to the organization so go and getcha some!! Great gift idea!! The rest of this day just goes downhill and I fell apart at the end so we will move on...

Sunday was a good day. Jaxon and I washed the car and played outside all morning, waiting for daddy to come home from church. Finally Jaxon was nice to Nathan for a change which allowed me some breathing time. During Jaxon's nap, Nathan and I watched Jesus Camp which was both frightening and eye opening. Do we (Christians) really look that crazy? Yikes! We had a family dinner (our new tradition every Sunday) with my mom and Bob. They ate a tuna casserole thing I made and green beans, neither of which I eat so I ate Stove Top Stuffing. Then we made brownies and ate that a la mode' after our evening walk. Nathan and I finished the day off by watching Babel- the plot was pretty allusive so you have to dig deep inside yourself for its meaning.

That about catches everyone up on my life. I'm looking forward to watching 24 tonight...we missed it last week. Until tomorrow friends...

Side note:
Nathan sorry I didn't link to you every time I typed your name- I know you get all weird about that. There were simply too many places and I think people know how to link to you by now. Plus, I think more people go to your site than mine and I don't want to encourage that too much.


Anonymous said...

What happened with the baby contest?

Bethany Gaddis said...

Absolutely nothing. For a week I watched the show to see if we were a finalist. We weren't. For a week I watched to see if they would at least scroll past his picture like they did so many of the other contestants. They didn't. For a week I got my hopes up over and over again only to be shot down day after day- why don't people think my baby is as beautiful as I do?

Brandi Chambless said...

Hey Bethany...just noticed that you were on my site a few days ago. Just saying Hello. Will read more of your site later.


MOM said...

quite a weekend - so Happy Anniversary! Lots of ups and downs ... me too

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