Monday, March 12, 2007


Ok so let me recap the morning thus far...

We spent some time in his room (until about 11:30 or so) before the anesthesia people came to prep him. We prayed, laughed, cried, shared silence....everything. After they wheeled his stretcher away, we were escorted to another part of the hospital where they started the IVs . We sat in a waiting room for awhile, met our hospital liaison Mary-Beth and received an inner-hospital cell phone that the surgeon's nurse will use to communicate with us throughout the surgery. Then we got to spend some more time with him in this mini room as his anesthesia ran. This was a sweet time. We held his hand and he jokingly said that we shouldn't have come all this way to see him, we all shared a chuckle. Then through tears he said, "I have the best kids ever." We all lost it. But we all knew that we were there because of how great Doctor Bob is, not because of how great we are. Then I sat back as the siblings swapped childhood stories and they all lit up at the memories shared thus far and looking forward to the ones to come. We boasted about the 3 grandson's and John shared a video on his phone of the twins saying, "I love you POP." It was precious. We reminded Doctor Bob that he needed to get better quickly b/c Jaxon is ready to continue his training to become the next best orchestral conductor. He agreed. The best part was when he asked the surgery nurse, "How long is this vasectomy going to take?" We all laughed so hard. We left his side, snagged our first meal and headed to the waiting room. Many people have come by to visit, talk to us about what to expect this evening and such details. We received the call that the surgery actually began around almost 3pm. We just got a call saying that they haven't needed to put him on the heart and lung machine which John says is a really good sign.

His attitude is positive and we are surrounded by people of faith, relying on God's hands to do all of the healing - nurses, surgeons, and liaisons alike. Please continue the prayers...they are working.

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sandy said...

You have no idea who I am but I have been keeping up with your blog. Not sure how I found it and then Nathan's. I sat through what you and Nathan are sitting through over 21 years ago. MY father had the same surgery after multiple heart attacks and I walked down that path. Here is the good news. He lived a full happy life for 16 more years after that. No one said it could be done but he came out and lived 16 more years. It has been six years since he died but today I sit and pray with you and Nathan.

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