Thursday, April 26, 2007

American Idol and Africa

Last night's special telathon-style episode of American Idol/Idol Gives Back raised over $30 million dollars for global charities. Spliced in between the celebrity cameos, spoofs, and musical guests were shocking scenes of poverty from around the world. Some of those scenes were from Africa.

Last fall I went to Uganda, Africa and worked with some of the children orphaned by AIDS and Malaria. Yes, some of them were HIV positive themselves. To watch those faces that I came in contact with not so long ago be displayed on TV as a reminder of the need there was really difficult for me. As soon as it was over I was ready to wake up my two year old, get on the next flight and start riding a boda boda through Africa until I could find someone willing to let me adopt one of these orphaned children.

Let me assure you, it wasn't an emotional shove by American Idol that brought me to this place. But it was a reminder of what God has called me to do. I am called to adopt from Africa. I know at least one but maybe more children from that country are already being prepared for a place in our little family. I am being prepared to be a mother to a former orphan that others may say doesn't look like me at all. But last night I was confirmed in this process. I wept at the realization that I have family over there. Family that will one day be able to come home. So to that/those child(ren) I say...

Mommy will find her way to you. I will bring you home soon. I love you so much already and cannot wait to hold you in my arms. I look ahead to the day when God will place your hand in mine and we will be together forever. Until then, rest in my desire to love you for the rest of my life.


Greg said...

Funny, I usually watch American Idol just because my 13 year old daughter loves it. Lastnight she yelled for me to come in and then she proceeded to to tell me they were raising money for Africa children. Having made the Watoto trip to Uganda a few years ago, I found myself enthralled with the coverage, as I do everytime I'm flipping through channels and come across anything remotely connected to Africa. It stays with you...and that's the way I want it. I simply can't wait to return.


Mark Jaffrey said...

Totally with you Bethany. I hear your heart for the poor and the sick and the orphans beating loud and clear. It's in tune with God's heartbeat too and he will make the way clear for you in his time.

Who knows, someday Felicity and I might tread the same path and we can trade cross-cultural blended family stories with you and Los and Heather.

Bethany said...

That's amazing Bethany! I love your heart in this. I went to Kenya almost 4 years ago now, and my heart still burns for these kids and for the people.

We now have some dear friends who are living over there and I love hearing what is going there and having a part of our family over there to partner with.

That's amazing that you feel called to adopt! What an amazing call!

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