Friday, April 13, 2007


Ok so Nathan suggested that I put a tutorial on here for people who may not know how to leave a comment without it being registered under the name "anonymous."

(For those of you who are just too ashamed to type out your name beside your opinions, please disregard and remain in your wimpyness.)

Ok so on the comments page you are given the opportunity to leave a comment as a fellow Google Blogger, or other, or anonymous. You should choose either the Google blogger option or OTHER. On the blogger page you can sign in to your account and it will register your comment under that account for you. Under other, just type in your name and then it will say "your name" at the heading of your comment for me to know who you are. If it asks for an email or anything, don't worry, I won't be harassing you via comcast or hotmail or anything.

From now on please put your name on there so I don't have 11 comments from anonymous.

And knowing my friends, you will likely comment on this blog as "your name" so don't even try, I am on to your shananigans.


Anonymous said...

This is assuming you don't want to remain anonymous right?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!

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