Sunday, April 01, 2007

The day's events- Jaxon's birthday recap

The day was wonderful. I went early to my mom's pool area to set up. We took control of the lanai (a screened in porch) area with a kitchen attached with the pool just steps away. The first guests to arrive were Callie and Kyle- Jaxon's engaged babysitting duo. Then the Crawfords- Tara, Blake, Brooklyn, Avery and Peyton. Lastly, the Hendricks- Todd, Betsy, Ellie and Josie. Jaxon only has one or two guy friends and one was out of town while the other was unable to attend. Anyway, we played around the pool for about an hour before we sat down to eat. We had chicken nuggets and fruit but topped things off with some cupcakes. Jaxon tried to face plant into his but couldn't get his belly past the chair we had him rigged into so he had to pick it up like the rest of us. He loved it- you can tell he doesn't get cake very often. As Nathan was biting into his cupcake, I managed to stuff it in his mouth so he got a little frosting on his face as well. Then the girls just played with the bubbles from their gift bags while Jaxon opened his presents. What great stuff!! He got a bath time band set, clothes, a musical see and say, a quiet book homemade by GIGI, swim toys and a wagon etc. He was in heaven. Then we made a door hanger craft with some sticky foam things that went with the whole aquatic theme of the day. Then back to the pool for some more sunshine fun! All in all a great time! Thanks to all who participated. We missed those of you who were not present.
Happy 2 years Jaxon!!

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GIGI said...

He is such a beautiful boy (I always knew you two would make gorgeous children together!). And he's just so adorable ... I promise to stop spoiling him with treats, though ... or at least slow down, ok? Gosh, he's precious. Melts my heart - just like his mama

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