Monday, April 23, 2007

Design my logo

If you have been a PERSPECTIVE reader for a little while you know that I am in the beginning stages of starting a photography service. The name will be...Perspective Photography with the tag line, "It's all in how you look at it."

So far the interest has been peaked in the Naples area and I have been asked for a business card multiple times, but I am not able to get those made up until I have a logo. THAT IS WHERE YOU COME IN. I know there are creative design people that stop by here from time to time so I need to pick your brains.

What should my logo be?


randyelrod said...


Maybe an artist looking at his easel with his thumbs and fingers in a square, looking thru them at the painting? Hmm. just a thought...

could you please send me your e-mail address..i am compiling a blog list...


Miss you.


MOM said...

I'm thinking about a lens shape with a figure inside it ... all how you look through it ... I am thrilled you are heading this direction! You go girl!

DAD said...


Here is a possibility, a lens going from small to large and your beutiful blue eye(s) inside the peramitor of the lens looking out.
They see what you feel (see)??

Anonymous said...

3 Ideas.

1. The picture that is an old woman 1 way and a young one the next. It is one picture but depending how you see look at it is young/old.

2. An optical illusion picture.

3. A picture that goes from a black and white line drawing to a complete color pic.

Howard West.

Anonymous said...

A good logo would include clarity and sharpness without confusion in the background. Do something simple with the idea that what you see causes your brain to "piece" the fragments together to make the picture. I like the idea of your blue eye looking through a lens with maybe a yellow sunflower being "pieced" together. You can do it! Bonnie

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