Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

On April 14th, 1947 a lady was born that has forever changed her corner of the world. Today she celebrates her first 60 years of life- happy birthday mom!

If you meet her, you would think she was in her 40's - she is so young at heart. She is adventurous, fun, silly, loving, beautiful and so present to the gifts of everyday life. As my sister put it, "I am a daughter to a woman who chose to be a mom, wanted to be a mom, and sacrificed much to do it. I am so lucky." She has supported and walked through every one of my dreams with me. She has been the shoulder to cry on, the ear that I vent to, the friend that I laugh with, and the arms that always make me feel like Im home. Many say I look just like her, I hope I grow up to be just like her.

Last night we took her out to dinner at a place called Watermark Grille where we gave her a present. We put together a scrapbook with pages decorated by many of her friends and family members, representing our memories with her. From a friend she has loved for 50 years to a grandson she has loved for two, her heart was celebrated within each page. She loved it! Thank you to all who took part. Today my step dad is taking her on a mysterious event filled morning and then....well I won't spoil the surprises for her (as she may read this at some point today.)

So leave my fabulous mom a comment wishing her a wonderful day! Help her feel at least a smidge of the love she has given out the last 60 years.

You have only just begun mom! Here is to your first 60 years....CHEERS!!


60 yr old Mom said...

Thank you, baby. It was a great birthday day. We rode an air boat in the Everglades, then a tour bus seeing the wildlife in the Everglades - enjoying the ecosystems in the area in which we now live. It was awesome. Then I was serenaded by Nathan's band with "Mustang Sally"... that was Great! Ice cream with my baby and grandson is a hit not to be missed ... and an evening with my husband so end a fun filled day... full of phone calls and thoughts of love being sent my way. Thank you one and all. (who will probably never read this but I appreciate you all very much anyway). Thank you SO MUCH for the scrapbook, Bethany, it is an amazing gift. And thank you for my whole birthday week of fun.

Cherie <> said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bethany's mom! :) Bethany, your mom does not look 60...she looks a lot younger than that! Thanks to Bethany's mom for raising her to be the woman of God she is today! She is truly a blessing to all those around her!

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