Monday, April 09, 2007

Journal entry

Journal entry on 4/7/07...
To take inventory of my life right now seems like such a daunting task. I could list events, moments or activities but to attempt and answer the "what is going on IN me?" question, seems difficult. My instinct is to say "nothing." Which from previous experience warns me that I am avoiding something. I know that I have been really drawn into books lately. I wish I were a writer. Sometimes I get snippets of what it must feel like to articulate something so entirely and that just wets my appetite, leaving me wanting more. This hunger for a creative outlet seems insatiable. Having a blog intimidates me. Daily I feel compelled to inspire, intrigue and bring wisdom to people. But most days I can hardly do that for myself. Life seems like a passing of minutes that rarely involves me having to engage. I just survive until the next opportunity to come alive awakens my heart. In those moments I am allowed to let go and free fall into whatever I imagine catching my soul.


Kristine dB said...

Bethany - Note of encouragement. Your writing is refreshing in its honesty. I'd love to see you write a book!
I remember when Nathan and Jordan came up to Edmonton that weekend so long ago (!). Nathan and I were chatting about books and such, since I want(ed) to be an editor. He told me what an amazing writer you were and how you were writing mini-devos that could maybe be a book someday.
I know that it's hard to get published, but even if you write just for yourself and your friends and family, it'll be worth it. I think just the fact that you feel intimidated is sometimes a sign of being in the right place and open to where God is leading you. So, coming from one faithful reader of yours, "free fall" into your writing!!

MOM said...

Odd - I have been so impressed with your ability to put the right words on situations to describe so much better than the average person. You capture the essence of moments, subjects, events - much like your photography. Your readers soak it in and you don't even realize what an impact you have on us all ... but you sure do.

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