Friday, April 06, 2007

Pillow Talk

One of the most romantic aspects of Nathan and I's marriage relationship comes after Jaxon is asleep, the TV is off and we are in bed. Wait... I'm not referring to THE most romantic aspect of our marriage just ONE OF the most romantic aspects of our marriage. Sheesh folks!

I am talking about a gift that Nathan started giving me a little over two years ago that continues to touch my heart today. What began as a pregnancy quirk quickly became one of my favorite past times. It is....being read to.

I love to read but most of the time that is an isolating hobby. I gather myself in a room with a good book and maybe some hot tea and I am not to be disturbed by anything or anyone.

However, when I was pregnant, Nathan started reading to me (actually he read to Jaxon but I can pretend it was for me.) Then after Jaxon was born we periodically would make an occasion to return to that special time and I would love it! Last night Nathan did it again. It is such a sweet time. Although I may not be an avid reader of Nicholas Sparks on my own time, I am thankful for his novels because it helps Nathan share some special quality time with me. Which just happens to be my love language.

Anyway, I just wanted to make this post as an encouragement to husbands and wives- read to/with your spouse sometimes. You never know what that special time may lead to...

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