Monday, May 07, 2007

Choose Hope

So many of us neglect the medicinal effect that hope can have. Maybe we fear that having hope in a destitute situation is naive. Maybe we think it's a waste of time. Whatever our reasonings are, we have chosen not to hope. What we don't realize however, is that not choosing hope inevitably makes a difficult situation much worse.

I have read countless articles stating that hope/faith/a positive attitude has been shown to significantly reduce recovery times and quicken healing in a medical environment. I have also heard countless stories of marriages/friendships/family relationships etc that are tense but at least one person involved chooses to maintain hope that someday it will get better- and in time it has. It stands to say that if no one in a particular situation, whether medical or relational, chooses hope, the likelihood that it will get better drastically drops to negative levels.

Why choose that for yourself? I really struggle to believe that anyone wants to create a "hell on earth" environment around their own life. Yet I see it happening everyday as one by one we choose not to hope.

"Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn't permanent."
-Jean Kerr

Choosing hope is not a neglect of our pain. Hope is not putting a smile on a crying heart. Hope is believing that things could change but if they don't we would still be ok. Isn't that better than living your life as if you were already dead?


becky said...

I love the acrostic our pastor taught us for hope....
H aving
O nly
P ositive
E xpectations

Bonnie said...

There are many different signs of hope one can find if they are sensitive enough to look for them
and prayer is the key.

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