Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Florida seasons

I use to think that Florida didn't have any seasons (IE Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) just warm, hot, hotter and hottest. But I have come to learn that Florida has many seasons unique to itself.

First there is "in" season. That would be the time of year that everyone around the world moves down to our neck of the woods for about 6 months to soak up some beach life.

Then there is "hurricane" season. This is the part of the year that every storm floating through the Gulf is a potential threat to our little town. Neighborhoods bar their windows with metalic shutters and grocery stores are regularly out of bottled water and canned goods.

Thirdly there is "rainy" season (AKA summer). The best storms happen during this portion of the year. It rains every afternoon with some wicked lightning and thunder shaking your house to the core. It's rad!

Lastly, and this is the season we are in now, is "wildfire" season. Basically because we have had little rain all year and the temperatures are so stinkin' high, our foliage areas go into flames. So we spend a few weeks or so walking around in a hazy smoke while taking in the scent of burning palm trees with every breath.


Check out Naples Daily News for our latest fire story.

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Cherie <> said...

Yeah, that wildfire yesterday was crazy! I heard it was 1500 acres...Oh please God send some rain! Reminds me of the song that repeats over and over "Let it rain. Let it rain. Open the floodgates of Heaven..." :)

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