Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Photo Shoot #2

Like I said before, I had two photo shoots last week. The first session I have already posted two pictures from. Here are some of my favorites from the second, on Sunday with Peyton Crawford.


April said...

I love the first and second one. When we get our daughter home from China I think we will fly to FL for a photo shoot and visit your Mom. You have a God given talent. I'm glad you are being able to use it.

Iz said...

Bethany, I have worked with alot of photographers in my day and I have to tell you...You are amazingly gifted at this!! Why did you move away before finding this talent? I was just saying today that I need to work with some better photographers ...when are you coming back to town? :)

MOM said...

Precious girl - and GREAT photographer.

Anonymous said...

You have a gift my dear! Glad to see you using it!!

Love ya lots. Mere

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