Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay so last night's results show is proof that American Idol is not just a singing competition as Simon Cowell would like to believe. If it were, Melinda would still be there.

But I learned that truth about the beloved show a few seasons ago and held that in the back of my mind as I waited to hear whose name would be called in the "end of the road" category of last night's program. Sadly it was our friend Melinda Doolittle.

You can ask Nathan, I was sick thinking about it all day yesterday. I can't imagine what this would come to mean for a person and because she has been a part of our lives prior to this, I just ached for her.

Anyway, the "wind in the sails" of me wanting to energetically participate in the finale has been taken out and either way it goes, I know that in this year's contestants, the best woman did not win. Good Luck Jordin and Blake- you have some mighty big shoes to fill and I trust you will both do well.


Bobby said...

You know...I definitely thought Melinda was the best and should have won. But, at the same time, in a weird way, I'm a bit happy for her. i think she'd better off not winning and being tied down with AI contracts and what not. She'll do fine on her own and will probably have more options now anyway.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason to feel bad for her. She will do just fine without having the official american idol crown. She'll still have a record contract, still tour with the rest of the top 10, still get interviews, etc. etc.

My 13 year old daughter absolutely loves Black - don't understand it but I'm sure she's not alone. He give's me the heeby jeeby's. Ever notice that when he sings he looks EXACTLY like chicken little Kevin from last season?

Anonymous said...

Blake *sp*

MOM said...

I can't watch Blake either so Jordin get my vote - if I were to actually vote. I was shocked to see Melinda leave but I feel it is better for her in the short/long run....

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