Monday, May 21, 2007

Slow people

I recently started reading the latest book by one of my favorite authors Anne Lamott called Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith. In the prelude she shared another one of her wild and crazy stories from life that included a beach, a hippie ex boyfriend and a book that awakened her faith. She said that after reading this book she started praying differently. No longer was it phrases such as, "God, I'm such a loser." Instead what prayers flowed from her heart were statements like, "Hi" and "Thank You."

But then she said this, "I viscerally got that God was everywhere; poor old God, just waiting for you to notice, and enter life like a track coach for slow people."

I feel like a slow person most of the time but especially on days like today. I have a headache for the upteenth time this month, my son is bi-polar (not clinically just some days), there are dishes in my sink that beckon my attention that I am trying to avoid, its too hot when I go outside and I feel ugly. This phrase caught my eye today- even though I read it yesterday.

Ok God, I will take notice. I will enter life now. Thanks for being such a patient track coach for slow people like me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said... take something
for your headache, pack some
snacks, and go down to pool.
Leave the dishes in the sink to
soak and they will clean easier later. Have a fun day!


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