Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What kind of adventure are you living?

Not all desires are the same. Not all adventures have the same weight to them. Borrowing from some categories Larry Crabb used in Inside Out, I want to try to bring some clarity to this whole idea of adventure.

Casual Adventures include the things you'd love to do with a vacation, or a free weekend, or some spare time. The risk involved is minimal to mild-some wasted time, a loss of discretionary income, physical injury perhaps. This sort of adventure stretches you beyond your comfort zone, and that's a healthy thing to do.

Critical Adventures involve the major arenas of your life-your relationships, your work, your church community. The risk here feels huge, sometimes even life-threatening at a soul level. Drawing a line in the sand on an issue at work or in church, entering into a deep friendship, or moving toward your wife can feel risky indeed. This sort of adventure stretches you to the limit of your personal resources, well beyond what you thought you were able to do. As you stand on the precipice you wonder, Have I got what it takes?

Crucial Adventures also involve the major arenas of your life, only there is one crucial difference- God has to show up if it's going to work out. These most important of all adventures are a direct result of following God into the unknown, as Peter followed Christ onto the sea, or as Abraham left all he had to go with God into the destiny of his life. You know you can't succeed in this sort of adventure without supernatural intervention of God. As you stand on the precipice you wonder, Has God got what it takes-will He come through?

Taken from the Wild at Heart Field Manual

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