Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have been getting a lot of emails and comments regarding our future adoption so here is my response to all of you.

At this stage we are researching and praying. I would like to adopt from Uganda, having been there before, but right now the Ugandan government is closed to international adoption due to some poor results cases in the past. The only option I have at this point would be to move there and apply for a foster child, live there for 3 years and then apply toward adopting him/her. However Ethiopia is open to international adoption so that is another avenue we are prayerfully considering. At this point no action has been taken other than initiating the research, emotional support and financial savings. Every step in the process takes money so it is better for us to start now- being the faithful Dave Ramsey followers that we are! Once we have chosen an organization and have undergone the "home study" we can then apply for grants and start fundraising. The entire process will take a year or more depending on the many variables involved with adoption.

If any one out there knows of any great resources- I have some linked in my bookmarks already- please point us in that direction. If you have any further information on international adoption in Africa please fill us in on that as well. Your support and encouragement means the world to us!

I will keep you posted as we journey...


Jen said...

i have a good friend that adopted from kazikstan. the only person i know who adopted from africa is madonna or angelina - haha!!!

April said...

We actually looked into the Ethiopia program before we decided on the China program. We hope to adopt more than once and if the Lord wills an African program is what we want to do. I have some very good resources and I will send them to you mom and she can forward them on to you.

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