Saturday, June 23, 2007

Charity Yard Sale results

Well today was the charity yard sale my mom and I put together. We started setting up at 6:30am and people were parusing the items by 7:10am. There was a steady flow of people until 11 am when it died for about 40 minutes and then it picked back up until 12:45pm. It was supposed to be over at 12. We donated the leftovers to local charity's, cleaned up the truck lot and headed home to get a shower- we were covered in dirt.

After counting up the total amount raised for African relief efforts...drum roll please...we made $630 and some change! Wahoo! Thanks to all who participated!

Now off to church. I get to work in the nursery tonight...I hope I don't yawn too much.


Cherie <> said...

That's awesome Bethany! I'm glad it went well. Hope you had fun in Preschool :). Have a good Sunday!

MOM said...

Thank you for the idea and setting the example for your community that you can give to those with much less in fairly simple ways. You involved some youth and showed your friends where your heart is - giving and caring about Africa, orphans, and poverty. Your compassion is a guiding light. We all have SO MUCH.

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