Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Israelite in me

God still performs miracles both big and small.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that but the other day I was reminded of it's truth. You see Jaxon was acting really strange. He was crying when we put him in the car seat and when we took him out, he was snuggling up on Nana's shoulder, he was whiny, he was spaced out in the car etc. We all chalked it up to being past his nap time so he must have been tired. I put him down for his nap and he laid really still- flat on his back with no movement. Again, I just thought he was sleepy so I kissed him and left the room. About an hour or so later he woke up crying. I waited to see what would happen but he didn't stop. I went in and laid down with him and he fell back to sleep. I inched out of the room undetected. After a while he woke up crying again. I went in and by then he was awake but not happy at all. I sat with him on his bed for awhile when I recognized that he still hadn't moved from his original position on his back. I asked if he wanted to get up and he said yes but couldn't move. I lifted him out of bed and began playing with him. That is when I noticed he wasn't moving his left arm at all. Everything he did was one handed when he usually uses both hands to drum on his drum. I started watching with a purpose and quickly figured out that something was seriously wrong with his left arm. Over the course of the next few hours he was crying over everything while compensating for his motionless left side.

After recapping the days events we attributed the injury to a playful swinging between Nana and Pop while walking into the grocery store earlier that afternoon. Something in his arm was knocked "loose." By this time it had already been several hours since the accident so I wasn't sure why things weren't getting better. Still I desired to wait it out. After going back and forth with all of our family about whether to take Jax to the hospital or not I finally broke down. I closed my eyes, and while he sat in my lap, I started praying for him. (Isn't it interesting that prayer wasn't our first reaction?) My plea to God for help was interrupted by a question from Pop (Doctor Bob) who didn't realize what I was doing. As I looked up to answer him Jaxon climbed off of my lap, picked up two pan lids and started playing them like cymbals. It was as if nothing had been wrong in the first place. I started to cry. God healed my little boy. For a few minutes we all just watched in awe the radical transformation Jaxon underwent in just a few moments. We were wide eyed.

I have entitled this blog "the Israelite in me" because we often see the story of the Israelites and their relationship to God and have a hard time understanding how they could flip flop so much. After seeing so many miracles, how could they ever doubt? Yet just a few hours after this mini miracle in our own life, we were back on the treadmill of the everyday questions, fears, and frustrations. Little recognition was given toward that God breathed moment where my son was healed.

So for that, God, I am sorry. I my unbelief.


MOM said...

Thank you for sharing that. It is so powerful for me & I hope it touches all of us.

bonnie said...

Bethany, you will see many miracles during Jaxon's growth.
Like four leaf clovers, there
is not doubt your miracle shows
that God is always there, especially when you pray from the heart.
You are blessed.

Bethany said...

That's awesome! What a testimony, thanks for sharing the struggles and the joys!

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