Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Link loss

As you may have noticed, my site has changed a little. One, the cluster map is gone and two, there are no links on here anymore. Both are a result of my foolish mistake to try and change something on my site without making sure it was done correctly before saving the changes. It deleted practically everything leaving me with a white page with some off centered words attempting to look like a blog post. So I had to restructure some things and viola (how do you spell that? I don't mean the instrument.) I managed to get my colorful dotted background back with all of my posts and basic settings but the rest has disappeared.

As for my cluster map, no big deal. Although I enjoy seeing that people all over the world are coming to read my ramblings, I have become less ruled by the numbers since it has been gone. By that I mean I no longer try to maintain this site for the narcissistic reason of getting over 100 readers in a day. I just blog. I breathe easier not knowing. At least for now.

As for the link lossage...I am bummed. Many folks I love were on there and they deserve at least a shout out from me by way of links to their sites and blogs. {Plus people in the blog world get their feelings hurt pretty badly if they're not linked. It's like saying, "I hate you! You are forgettable." At least that is what their reactions imply.} The problem with restoring the links is... I don't remember how. I am on the old blogger system where you have to type in each HTML code individually and after I started this site, I would just copy and paste and fill in the corresponding blanks. I don't know that code anymore.

So please be patient with me as I try to rediscover linkage.

Unless you know how I can switch over to the new blogger where they have an easy system set up for you?

Let me know what you know so that I will be in the know!?

Ok that was dumb.

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