Monday, June 25, 2007

Mikkibeans and me

Well a couple of days ago a friend, Dawn, invited me to take part in what will be my first photography exhibit. She owns a coffee shop called MikkiBeans in Tennessee. She had a dream one night telling her to start a "starving artist" wall with various forms of art/creative expressions. In her dream she saw my photography on that wall. Though I am far from starving, I still see it as an opportunity to showcase my art- photography. It looks as if there will be a week that I will be part of the "world's largest yard sale" too. It's called 127 sale and Dawn is expecting to see about 20,000 people come through her doors during the event. So our plan is to get my stuff to her by the end of next month to be up and ready for this debut! Any money made will go directly toward our adoption process.

Needless to say I am really excited. I am also really scared. What if no one likes my stuff? What if it flops? What if I stumble? What if I fall? What if I lose my step and make fools of us all? Oh wait...that's a DC Talk song. Sorry. Anyway, this is my first big leap as a photographer and I am really looking forward to see what happens. No matter which way it goes, I am anxious to try.

But I want to get some ideas from you guys. I know that when I go to a coffee shop and see art on the wall I typically just look at it in awe but never feel compelled to buy it. What would it take for you to buy someone's photograph? What subject matter would draw both a person's eye and a person's wallet? I want to showcase myself well but I also want to choose prints that will attract buyers since that is the point in this situation. Any suggestions?


MOM said...

Remember, don't overthink things. Your photography IS art - what you love, others will love. Trust it. Do what you love, show it off with pride and don't have expectations of the outcome. You do your part and God does the outcome. Showcase your area - people in Tennessee don't go to the beach or see palm trees.......... And you HAVE to have at least one Jaxon pic showcasing those amazing blue eyes..........

Jen said...

hey friend,
i know you're still finding your way through this complex maze of art - but you're already so amazing! all the pieces i've seen you shoot tell stories.

i think as long as you find something to shoot that you're passionate about then others will see it.

i love black & white's that have an old feel.

you'll find your groove, baby girl. go look @ beck's page - that will inspire you.

love you mucho mas!

Mark Jaffrey said...

Don't forget to post what you're exhibiting, and, please, tell us more about the adoption process. Where are you guys up to? Last I heard was on your post on American Idol night.

April said...

So being in the process of adopting myself you have me very curious. Where are you adopting from and have you started the process? I would love to know more so I can be praying for your guys.

Anonymous said...

Art captures the essence of life - expressed through the eyes of the presenter. This is your voice, your eyes... so really the question is "what do you see?"
Art is merely the interpretation of life.

Perspective is everything right?
I don't want to see life through my eyes... I see it 24/7... let me see it through yours.


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