Sunday, June 17, 2007

My favorite Dad's

I have many dad's in my family but here are a few of my favorites...

My husband (AKA Keiki, Nathan, Gaddis): This guy is amazing! He blows me away everyday by how in love with our son he is.
Favorite dad quality: playful.

My dad (AKA Mark, Dad Clark, Gpa): This guy is awesome! He is my biggest fan and can always make me laugh.
Favorite dad quality: supportive.

My step-dad (AKA Bob, Bobert, Bob-o): This guy is a servant! He is so helpful and has a quiet strength.
Favorite dad quality: honest.

My father in-law (AKA Doctor Bob, Pop): This guy is so talented! He is an amazing musician and teacher.
Favorite dad quality: understanding.

My brother in-law (AKA John): This guy is hard working! He is a motivator and a healer.
Favorite dad quality: patience.

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