Thursday, June 21, 2007

National Flip Flop Day

In honor of Tropical Smoothie's First Annual National Flip Flop day, I would like to highlight my favorite footwear: the flip flop.

When I was growing up they were called "thongs." Did I just say, "when I was growing up?" WOW! Anyway, I don't have many pairs of anything but flip flops. I have two pairs of "dress up" shoes, one set of running shoes, a pair of cleats, and that is it. But I have 10 pairs of flip flops. They are various colors for coordination simplicity and they are 2 pairs for $5 at Old Navy. I would only have 4 pairs if it weren't for MamaJ, my mother in law, who picked up real fast that I wear nothing else and loves shopping. So now I have two pairs from Easter with Peeps on them, and I have some teal one's with palm trees. I even have some with a little heel in case I want to dress up with flip flops some day. Otherwise they come in your basic black, green, brown and blue. Anyway, all that to say, "I LOVE THE FLIP FLOP!"

What is your favorite footwear?


April said...

Chaco brand footwear has to be my favorite choice for shoes. ( I wear them with everything and I do everything in them include hiking. They can be thrown in the washer and come out like new and I never get blisters. They even have a flip flop that has great arch support.

DAD said...


Ok, let me try this again???

When I was growing up, they were called "thongs"(which today, describes something entirely different)

They were also called "toe jammers." I remember the missing nails from time to time.

Now just around the pool.


Iz said...

Oh, I too, share your love of the flop! I wear a simple $3 pair of black ones with everything. Did I say with everything? Every single outfit. Capris, jeans, evening gown, ... all with my beloved $3 black flip flops! No one can beat a fashion statement like that! (And the only reason I wear a $3 pair is that my dearly beloved 90cent pair broke.)

Cherie <> said...

I love flip-flops too Bethany...Although I OWN other types of shoes, my flip-flops are what I always grab first for most occasions while my other shoes sit and collect dust :)...Although Starbucks will not allow them at work :(. They need to catch on to the trend! :)

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