Saturday, July 07, 2007

The List

I have a friend, Angie, who frequently talks about how important it is to make a list of things you want to do in your lifetime and set them out for yourself as goals. I have also seen some of my blogging friends post their goals list online and check them off as they are accomplished. So I have finally decided to try it out for myself. Here are the beginnings of a list of things I want to accomplish within my lifetime, in no particular order.

1. Travel to Australia
2. Hike part of the Appalachian trail
3. Sing the National Anthem at a professional sporting event
4. Adopt a child from Africa
5. Live in a foreign country for at least a year
6. Go skydiving (X)
7. Serve in Africa (X)
8. Complete a marathon (almost X- will try again)
9. Be on Amazing Race
10. See a professional football game (either SF 49ers or Indianapolis Colts)
11. Go backpacking in Ireland
12. Complete 1/2 marathon (X2)
13. Complete the Naples mini-triathlon
14. Donate blood
15. Live in Seattle and/or Portland at some point.
16. Go on a skiing trip as a family

X= completed
X2= completed twice

Maybe this list will remind me not to waste an opportunity to do things that make me feel alive!

What would be/ is on your list?

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MOM said...

Since I've given blood, been to Hawaii (more than once actually), flown in a hot air balloon, participated in an overseas mission, built with Habitat for Humanity and become a grandma, I guess my list is completing nicely. I have some "wanna dos" but my cup runneth over so I guess short of having enough money to retire, I'm pretty content......... but then, I'm old :)

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