Monday, July 16, 2007

The lessons I learn by teaching

If you don't know this about me, I teach a high school ladies BLG (Bible and Life Group- AKA Sunday School class) on Saturday nights. For the last few months we have been going through a series of lessons about relationships. We have talked about our relationship with the church, parents, guys/girls, name it.

This past week the lesson was talking about how important it is to establish both Timothy-type and Paul-type relationships. By that I mean having a mentor relationship that we learn from and a disciple relationship that we teach into. After preparing my notes I felt like all of the information was pretty self explanatory but then I had to teach it. As I was teaching the lesson changed directions. Here I was explaining to my girls that they need mentors and accountability partners (which are not the same thing) and I did not have those set up in my own life. Yes I am a part of my own adult BLG but somehow I have escaped the intense accountability that I so desperately need in order to grow. No one makes sure I have read in The Word each day. No one calls me out if I am being a jerk about something. I also don't have a mentor in my life. Who is someone that does what I want to do someday that I could study under? Who is someone that lives the way I want to live that I could spend time with consistantly? Why am I not intentionally seeking relationships like those?

Anyway, the topic really made me think. I have Timothy-type relationships in my life- I teach and disciple a lot of people. But I don't have any Paul-types as mentors and accountability partners. That must change. Not only for me but for the people I teach as well.

Seriously, how far can I lead someone in their spiritual growth when I am not intentionally going there myself?


MOM said...

What I admire so much about you is your heart for God - growing, learning, humility. You take it personally and practice what you preach - when you see it is missing, you fix it. God bless.

Blake said...

I agree 110% with your thoughts. I feel like I am in the same boat. At lunch, Nathan and I discussed this very topic and I expressed to him some revelations I have had over the summer. One such discovery is my need for strong men in my life to not only hold me accountable, but to truly "get me" and encourage me. One night, I would love for us all to get together to discuss this very important topic!

But what's encouraging as I read your blog is that it has to start with a willingness. Most people never get to the point you're at it terms of seeking such relationships. I, like you, have to trust that God will bring these relationships forward in our lives as we seek them out.

Your fellow seeker,

The Herrenbrucks said...

I was reading your blog today and this entry really spoke to me. I too feel like I do not have any Paul relationships -- and it's something I am really needing. Thanks for bringing that to light and for blogging about such an important topic. Hope you guys are great. :) Erin

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