Friday, July 27, 2007

My girls

When I first moved to Naples I signed up to help out with the youth group right away. I love working with high school students! As the year unfolded our church attempted a mentor type program with the youth. I was assigned to the seniors (12th grade) and we called it EKG's. Only 2 ladies signed up which was the best scenario for quality time. But when I stepped into the room on the first day and saw two of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen before starring back at me, I was so intimidated. What in the world could I teach these ladies? How was I (plain Jane) going to be able to relate to two Naples beauties? As the year went on my fears subsided and those two chicks became like my little sisters. I love them both and I am so proud of what they stand for. Now they are college sophomores and only come home during holidays and summers. Being that the summer is ending soon I took advantage of their good looks and shot some pictures of them last night. (Really it was just an excuse to spend some time with them- tee hee.) Allow me to introduce you to two of my favorite people...

This is Alex (AKA Alexandra).
She is a strong woman. She knows who she is and what she wants and will settle for nothing less. She is athletic, beautiful, caring, and gives the most hard-core hugs I have ever experienced. Currently she is attending Samford University in Birmingham, AL. She is so good at maintaining contact with me even though I suck at it. She is smart and fun and always willing to lend an extra hand. I love my Alex.
Next there is Lauren.Lauren is the actress. She never fails to bring joy to any encounter with her. She is confident and fun and can always make me laugh. Her heart is tender and she loves on everyone she meets. She is a leader. Currently she is attending Liberty University in Richmond, VA. She is a socialite and the life of the party. I love my Lauren.

Are these not the most radiant girls you have ever seen?

I love you girls!

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becky said...

As an alumni, I would like to point out that Liberty University is in Lynchburg, VA, and not Richmond. Go Flames!

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