Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New book time

OK so last night I was trying to think of what book I am going to devour next and I came up with an idea: I will just ask you guys for some suggestions. I am a creature of habit so I pretty much stick with the same authors or genres so to break out of my own mold, I am calling upon you, the Perspective reader.

What should be my next great read?

Comment below with the Title, authors name and a short summary of the book and I will let you know what I choose to read first.

Happy suggesting!


Mark said...

This may be a bit nerdy, but if you haven't read any Tolkien, you should. If The Lord of The Rings is too long for you, The Hobbit is very accessible, as is the newly released The Children of Hurin. The latter is a more adult and serious book, the former more whimsical.

But Tolkien is a must-read author. He literally invented the fantasy genre in the English language.

And how many authors can you really say are "epic"? Tolkien is epic.

Blake said...

Heart to Heard about Men by Nancy Groom is a must read. Below is copied from a review on Amazon.com:

"This book is a tool that all women will want to utilize. Nancy Groom does a wonderful job of giving us some practical ways that we can improve our existing relationships-- whether they be our father(or mother), our husband, our brother (or sister) our friend, or our Lord. The title says Heart to Heart About Men, but it's even more than that. The invitation to women of integrity speaks to the way that we live our lives, and conduct ourselves in the most important accomplishment in life-- connection with others."

I know several women who have read this and it has challenged them and changed their lives. I have read sections, and I know Tara read it a long time ago. It's awesome!

I hope you choose this!


Nathan said...

any Nicolas Sparks books...but then again...I am the one that reads those TO you. :-)
love you.

MOM said...

Pick a good one - I like to read them after you're done!

Bethany said...

Battlefied of the Mind- been around forever, but completely amazing. I had never read it mysef and read it on vacation a few weeks ago and it rocked my socks off! Author- Joyce Meyers

Iz said...

Visionering, by Andy Stanley. I'm about half way through and am on fire! Also looking forward to the new release from the Eldridge camp..."The Utter Relief of Holiness". Maybe not new authors, but fabulous, non the less.

Kristine dB said...

Any book by Charles Martin. The first one I read was When Crickets Cry. Very lyrical and poetic, even when talking about medical conditions of the heart!
From a review on Amazon - "When Crickets Cry is a book about the heart. It's a book about that funky-looking muscle in our chests that pumps the blood throughout our bodies. It's a book about that ephemeral thing we call the heart when we speak about love and passion. It's a book about the place where the two--that muscle and other thing--intersect."
I highly recommend his books - one of my new favorite authors!

bonnie said...

Angels by Billy Graham.

It's not long and has some powerful positive thoughts.

BroNLaw said...

I agree with Mark. You should read Tolkien. Start with The Hobbit if you didn't read it in school. Or even if you did read it in school, you would probably enjoy it more since a teacher isn't making you read it...Just me...But I am not a teacher (as you can tell by this paragraph).

I am currently reading The Children of Hurin.

Nathan said...

just in case you didn't get who that last comment was from...I'm sure he meant to write bro-n-law. not bronlaw. silly brother of mine.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany, it's Jen Barton.
CHASING FRANCIS by Ian Morgan Cron I am half way through - AMAZING! quote "Cron's genius lies in linking the timeless charism of Francis of Assisi to issues confronting the contemporary church and he pulls it off in compelling fashion" It's a must read!!!
Love you!

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