Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

One of my son's favorite things to do right now is pray. He always starts off with "Thank you Gooood (sounds like Gawd)....." and then you never know what will come out of his mouth next. Sometimes its, "for Mommy and Daddy" or some other family member or friend we had seen that day or talked about. Sometimes it is something like, "Thank you God for my peas and turkey." But the ending is always the same: "Aaahhhhmen." Followed quickly by "do again?"

Today before taking his nap he prayed, " Thank you Gawd for mommy and daddy. Thank you Gawd for my bed and ice cream. Thank you Gawd for my Mozart. Ahhhhhmen. Do again?"

A few minutes later I walked out of the room in awe of how simple and yet how deep my son's prayers are. He is more grateful than I am for the little things we have. May I grow to be more like him in that way. May I learn to say, "Thank You God!" Then be anxious to talk to God again only moments later.


Dawn Marie said...

On Nathan's blog, you commented: "...Anyway, I am so jealous that you can have a banner so easily. I am so tempted to dump my blog and start all over- the newer versions of blogger are so much easier. Anyone no how I can update mine without losing everything I have already done?"

I just updated to the new blogger, and the only thing I lost was my cluster map... but I was able to copy/paste the html from the saved version (blogger saves it for you automatically). So it wasn't any big deal. Hope that helps!

April said...

I love that his favorite thing to do is pray. It says great things about how his parents are raising him. Way to "train up a child..."! Prov. 22:6 Keep seeking the Lord on raising a godly son and He will always direct you.

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